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20 Mar


What Happens Now? Post LTEP Conference

March 20, 2014 | By |

On March 20, Mowat Energy hosted a successful conference at the Ontario Heritage Centre in Toronto. What Happens Now?: Post-LTEP looked into what future steps should be taken following the government’s publication of the Long-Term Energy Plan last December and aimed to build on Mowat Energy’s earlier work on Ontario energy policy.
Fifty guests took part in panel discussions on the future of energy governance in Ontario, as well as the best ways to implement combined heat and power systems.

Session 1

Future Governance of the Sector: Markets, Technical Experts or Politics?

How is the Ontario energy sector governed now? What is the relationship between politics, regulation and the market?


Sean Conway, Ryerson’s Centre for Urban Energy


Donald Dewees, Professor Emeritus, Economics, University of Toronto

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Bryne Purchase, Adjunct Professor, Queen’s University

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Jatin Nathwani, Ontario Research Chair in Public Policy for Sustainable Energy, University of Waterloo; Executive Director, Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy

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Session 2

CHP Development: Municipal and Industrial Policies

CHP for resiliency, what are the barriers/solutions to implementation, and what does CHP mean for LDCs and energy policy?


Richard Laszlo, Director, Research and Education, QUEST


Michael McRitchie, Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance, Sunnybrook Hospital

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Andrew Hejnar, Energy Manager, 3M

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Martin Lensink, Founder and Principal-In-Charge, CEM Engineering

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Atul Mahajan, President and CEO, Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation

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Event Date

March 20, 2014


Ontario Heritage Centre


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