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Reuven Shlozberg

Knowledge & Outreach Coordinator

Reuven is enjoying life outside the ivory tower after too many years completing university degrees at the University of Toronto (Ph.D. in political theory; M.A. in political science) and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (B.A. in political science and communication).

He has taught U.S. politics at the University of Toronto and Political Theory at Wilfrid Laurier University. At Mowat he specializes in collaboration in the Great Lakes region, special projects, tongue-in-cheek office humor, and vegetable-heavy lunches.

In his spare time Reuven enjoys movies, music, books, soccer, long urban hikes, and fantasy hockey. He speaks English, Hebrew, and Russian. He holds citizenships from North America (Canada) and Asia (Israel), and is going after an EU one for the trifecta.

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