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Paul Sommerville

Paul is the Executive Director of Mowat Energy. Paul brings extensive knowledge, experience and leadership in regulatory, corporate and private law practice to the Mowat Centre’s energy research hub after a career in Ontario’s energy sector. Paul was Executive Vice-President, Chief Regulatory Officer and General Counsel for Toronto Hydro, and was also a member of the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), where from 2001 he presided over numerous regulatory proceedings involving the electricity and natural gas sectors. In 2012, he was recognized with the 2012 Medal of the Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators (SOAR). Paul has held senior positions in the private sector, including General Motors Canada.

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February 24, 2017 | Paul Sommerville, Robert B. Warren

Representing Consumers’ Interests in Ontario’s Energy Sector

At a time of increasing energy costs and significant technological and policy change, more effective representation of consumer interests in regulatory and policy decision-making is warranted, argues the latest report from Mowat Energy’s On the Grid series. More
December 20, 2016 | Paul Sommerville, Richard Carlson, Petar Prazic

Emerging Energy Trends

Regulatory Responses to Ontario’s Energy Future

This report identifies regulatory and policy responses to the advent of an energy future with high levels of distributed energy resources, building on European and U.S. experience responding to this development. More
November 3, 2016 | Paul Sommerville, Richard Carlson, Petar Prazic

Brave New World at the OEB

Policy Development and the Natural Gas Expansion Case

An ongoing Ontario Energy Board (OEB) proceeding offers timely insight into the role the Board sees itself playing in the implementation of government policy through its rate-making activities. More
September 22, 2016 | Paul Sommerville, Richard Carlson, Petar Prazic

Energizing Consumers

A Proactive Energy Consumer Charter for Ontario

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is considering the development of an energy consumer charter of rights. Here is how the OEB can use this as an opportunity to encourage greater consumer participation in energy markets and regulatory processes in Ontario. More