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  • Portraits 2017: Immigration & Diversity

    Portraits 2017: Immigration & Diversity

  • Risk-sharing, not equalization, is failing Alberta

    Risk-sharing, not equalization, is failing Alberta

  • Enabling Environment: Collaborating for Greater Impact

    Enabling Environment: Collaborating for Greater Impact


Latest Research

March 8, 2018 | Sunil Johal, Sara Ditta, Jordann Thirgood

Megatrends shaping the future of tourism

In this research contribution for the OECD's Tourism Trends and Policies 2018, The Mowat Centre discusses megatrends affecting the future of tourism. More
March 6, 2018 | Andrew Parkin

Portraits 2017: Immigration & Diversity

Most Ontarians remain comfortable with current levels of immigration and with the province’s growing diversity, and there is increasing support for welcoming those fleeing conflicts. These are some of the main findings in the latest report from Mowat’s Portraits 2017 survey series. More


JANUARY 16, 2018

Getting ahead of the future of work: Focus on the systems, not the skills

What will the future of work look like? If we can understand the ways in which technology, demographic and economic trends will reshape labour markets, we will have a better understanding of what we should be emphasizing in our educational and training systems to be as well-prepared as possible for tomorrow’s world. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence and robotics have, in particular, created a new momentum to understand exactly how widespread the impacts of technology will be on jobs.



March 6, 2018

Ontarians’ attitudes towards immigration and diversity

Andrew Parkin discusses the findings from our Portraits 2017: Immigration & Diversity report on CBC Radio One's Metro Morning. More

Public Presentations

January 25, 2018

IRPP Event Video: In search of the next gig – A snapshot of precarious work in Canada today

What does precarious work look like in Canada today, and what is driving it? How should decision-makers address the loss of employment stability? More

Mowat Opinion

February 22, 2018 | Erich Hartmann

Risk-sharing, not equalization, is failing Alberta

In the weeks leading up to Family Day, Canada’s governments did what many families often do: argue about money. This year’s quibble focused on the Equalization program – and largely missed the mark. More

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